Dedicated Professionals

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Every business need quality work force to run the business. Getting qualified, experienced professional is tedious job. It requires separate HR person to full fill the need. Collecting CVs, organizing interviews, completing paper formalities needs lot of time and resources. Payroll, leaves, gratuity and other emoluments are really headache. Moreover it is continuous process, irritating and cost burdening specially for small and medium size business. Many companies are willing to hire dedicated professional without any burden.

The trend of outsourcing was start a way back. Companies in developed countries prefer to outsource to developing countries. India is the one of the most favorable country for outsourcing IT and Tele marketing jobs. Indian professionals are technologically well armed and can work on lesser price.

Vermosys helps our client by providing skilled dedicated professionals when required. We provide only trained in-house professionals. Professional can be hired on Hourly, Weekly, and Monthly or on Project basis. There is no extra charge, no payroll, and HR or gratuity burden. Any type of infrastructure is not needed for them. Hired dedicated professional will work from our office which will reducing infrastructure burden of client.

Currently we are providing IT and Tele-marketing related professionals like SEO Experts, Social Media Expert, Content Writer, Mobile App Developers, Web Designers, PHP / .NET Experts, Graphic Designers, Website Moderator, Tele caller and Sales Supporter. We evaluate the professional on the basis of their dedication towards the work allotted and their willingness to deliver quality work.

Dedicated Professionals

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